Geneva 4-Seasons - The light duvet for the summer with small quilted caros. The somewhat warmer cassette duvet for the spring and autumn with sewn-in baffles.

Geneva 4-Seasons

Warmth scale
100% pure, new goose down, white. Extra large cluster European top quality. Class I (European norm).

100% cotton, finest Swiss Batiste, white, hydrophilic and breathable.



The light duvet with small quillted caros for summer. The somewhat warmer cassette duvet with sewn-in baffles for spring and autumn.

The four seasons duvet can be changed to suit an individual's warmth requirements at any time of year. It is made of two separate duvets which can easily be separated and joined. The summer duvet is made up of small quilted caros, wonderfully light and airy. It provides the perfect solution for summer nights. The spring/autumn duvet is divided into cassettes using sewn-in baffles; has more down filling and is corres - pondingly warmer.
The duvets are filled with an especially voluminous down with balanced insulating properties so that you can effortlessly combine them to create the perfect duvet, whatever the season, whatever your needs. A duvet that spoils you while you sleep.