Geneva Warm - Extra warm and more cosy volume for cold nights. Cassette design with sewn-in baffles.

Geneva Warm

Geneva Warm

Product#: A2176-E2
Greater warmth and more cosy volume. Cassette design with sewn-in baffles.

The cassette duvets are made with sewn-in baffles (bridging bands) to create closed cassettes which still allow free air circulation through the loosely woven dividing bands - no room for cold spots.
The duvets are filled with particularly high-quality down - a wonderful snuggle down feeling.
The weave and the finish of this high quality Batiste guarantee particularly efficient moisture transport and the best air circulation. The luxurious feel gives you an incomparable sensation of comfort as you sleep.
Warmth scale
100% pure, new goose down, white. Extra large cluster European top quality. Class I (European norm).

100% cotton, finest Swiss Batiste, white, hydrophilic and breathable.