Eider Superlight Rose - Perfect luxury as you sleep. Hand made in Switzerland. Hand sewn caro design.

Eider Superlight Rose

Warmth scale
100% Icelandic eiderdown, gently washed by hand and disinfected in a steam bath and then sorted by hand. Class I (European norm).

100% silk, particularly fine satin made from mulberry silk. Jacquard with intricate woven rose pattern.



Dauny is one of just a few bedding manufacturers worldwide to offer exquisite duvets filled with Icelandic eiderdown, one of the most exclusive and precious products in the natural world. It is extremely light and durable with outstanding insulating properties that adjust automatically to suit the prevailing room temperature. Once the eiderdown has been collected by hand on the banks of the Arctic Ocean, it is taken to our atelier in Fischbach-Göslikon where it is sorted with the utmost care and wrapped in the finest silk.