Sanasleep - The comfortable neck support pillow.


Level of support
Core: Ergonomically shaped core made of soft latex with a special contouring technique and two wave sections of varying heights. The height can be adjusted to suit individual requirements thanks to a removable insert.
Lying surface: Padded using 90% pure new, extra large cluster European goose down, white. 10% small feathers. Class I (European norm)

100% cotton, white, hydrophilic. Zipped cover, can be washed separately at up to 60



Sanasleep offers the sensitive neck area in particular a maximum amount of relaxation and comfort while you sleep. In the exclusive pillow cover, padded with pure goose down, there is a soft latex core with two different height contours for normal or supported position. The height can also be individually adjusted thanks to the removable insert. SanaSleep - a cleverly devised solution to prevent neck problems, softly-softly while you sleep.