Soft Plus Deep - The ingenious pillow - supportive and soft all at once!
The flatter version.

Soft Plus Deep

Level of support
Outer: 100% pure, new goose down, white. Large cluster European top quality. Class I (European norm).
Inner: 100% pure, new goose feathers, white. Class I (European norm).

100% cotton, white, hydrophilic.



A pillow that cushions your head gently and cosily while supporting your spine so that the buildup of tension can be prevented. The secret: A supporting nucleus made of flexible goose feathers rapped in a soft and cosy layer of goose down. The ideal combination of comfort and support while you sleep. Simply ingenious!

Version Soft Plus deep The flatter version of the Soft Plus pillow has less filling inside and is designed with lighter people in mind. The Soft Plus Deep is particularly preferred by women or people with a smaller body frame.